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Built by Gamers for Gamers

Gamer Philosophy

  • ZERO pay to win aspects of the game
  • Pure STRATEGY based PvP (imagine more like chess and less mindless clicking)
  • Fair play in various aspects:
  • - Latency hiding game mechanics to avoid low ping advantages

    - Karma system to discourage bullying

Battle action video coming soon

Community & Social

A game that really focuses on Community & Social elements

  • Positive gameplay focused
  • Make friends locally or from around the world
  • Vertical mode when you need it
  • Chat windows that pop-up or hide quickly
  • Preview what your friends say
  • Optional deep social profiles
  • Full social roadmap of sharing battles and other social stuff planned
A better Community

We really emphasize the community aspect of our game and you will see the results across multiple platforms. We directly engage with potential users across Discord, Twitter and in various in-game chats. This full cycle feedback is with people who love gaming and really care what the community has to say. From art direction, game mechanics and the very sensitive topic of monetization we share our thoughts, listen to feedback and collectively brainstorm about ideas on how to make things fun and more enjoyable.

A better Society

Going one step further we realize that people want to socialize and build their own communities. We have a built-in search for people to find groups across interests and location. For example if you're in love with Europe or Asia you can change your preferred matching location and see an entirely new set of groups and friends to meet. This will hopefully help overcome the alienated feeling many new players get when joining a game and having really no clue as to how and where to make friends. This base social glue will help people jump in and share more than just a game with others, but also things they are passionate about in the real world.