Revenge Game Progress

January, 2019

Pre-Alpha: Progress shared on Discord and YouTube. Lots of art updates as well as UI, game mechanics and other important pieces maybe getting sneak peeks.

February, 2019

Alpha-3: Battle mechanics, UI and social elements mostly in place.


March, 2019

Closed Beta-1: Closest friends of Revenge from Discord. Beta Supporter Package 1* and exclusive gifts for your early feedback

April, 2019

Closed Beta-2: Everyone who signs-up between December 25th- January 1st or buys Beta Supporter Package 2* (Exclusive Beta-2 gifts)


May, 2019

Open Beta-3: Access opened to selected regions. Moderators recruitment is opened. Getting feedback on translations. Catching last bugs & getting final feedback.

June, 2019

Global Release Target


July, 2019

Lots of ideas won't make it into the initial global release, but we will continue to update this timeline for things like status on pets and other cool features